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The meaning of Sittercise

Sittercise is a program and concept with the intent to improve and or abate further health decline. The concept is to be focused on providing the client and caregiver the necessary tools to improve one’s quality and quantity of life. Sittercise is a means to coexist with aging in place ideal, caring for one’s self (ADL’s/IADL’s), daily functional activity, and overall improved function (strength, balance, stability, and endurance). Sittercise is a means to decrease the hospital recidivism rate. Sittercise training is and educational tool that can be utilized to improve one’s knowledge of their illness or condition, as well as provide the tools to alter their overall sense of wellness and health.


Our mission is to provide clients/caregivers a tool which can aid with improving health and achieving personal goals; while demonstrating the importance of quality of life, health, and exercise adherence. In addition, clients/caregivers will be provided the necessary education, skills, information, and direction to promote a holistic approach to a healthy lifestyle and life with a reduced recidivism rate to the hospital setting. We are here to aid with your success of aging in place.


Our vision is to bridge the gap between client and discharge from health the care setting, in order to decrease hospital recidivism rates, by establishing a good working relationship with the healthcare community, caregivers, and clients. Sittercise intends to become a premier company throughout the healthcare community on a local and international scale, by providing the best services and quality of care to its patrons.