SitterCise Continuing Education Units (CEU/Program)

The Sittercise CEU program is in place to provide caregivers, personal trainers, certified nursing assistants (CNA), geriatric nursing assistants (GNA), nurses, therapists, and individuals who are mandated to maintain CEU’s in order to retain certification and or licensure, an opportunity to do maintain compliance. The CEU program is holistic in nature, while addressing the specific needs of the older adult population. Additionally, you will learn valuable anatomical and physiological information and their applications to the clients, as well as biomechanical principals and the concept of functionality as it relates to clients specific needs. This program is for those individuals with or without prior medical knowledge. The purpose is to provide those who care for the older adult population in various milieus’, the opportunity to gain knowledge of how to better serve those for which they care.  The CEU program is an 8 hour long platform which includes a verbal presentation (PowerPoint), written exam (19 multiple choice/one T/F total (20) questions), and a practical examination. These sources are in place to verify that the participants have acquired the information necessary for successful completion this course.  Individuals who complete this program will acquire CEU credits, as well as become Sittercise certified.

Class Registrations Available Now

Sittercisetraining Classes Registrations are Now Available!

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Currently, there are not any courses scheduled. If you wish to have a course provided in your area, do not hesitate to

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Course Information:
● 8 hour course
● 30 minute lunch break
● Earn 8 CEU credits
● Certified in Sittercise Trainingmaintaining-back

The course provides:
● Sittercise Training workbook
● CEU Completion Certificate
● Sittercise fitness DVD
● Course Fee: $500/person
● Group Fee: $375/person
● College Students: $325/person
*Must show student ID for student rates

CEU Brochure


We offer payment options.
Participants can pay half down by (Date to be inserted) and the other half at the door or before the course begins.
We accept Cash, check ($50 Returned Check FEE), or credit.

Payment Process Using PayPal
Step 1: Login In to PayPal (Not Necessary For All)
Step 2: Click “Pay or Send Money”
Step 3: Click “Pay for Goods or Services” (There is not cost to you for this process, other thant fee for the CEU Course)
Step 4: Enter payment email address “” Click “Next”
Step 5: Enter payment amount “Cost of CEU Course, Example $500.00 (USD) US Dollars, If outside the US, click your respective currency.
Step 6: In the “Special Instructions” area, Please indicate the Following: 1. First and Surname (Last Name), 2: Which CEU course you are taking (i.e. Maryland, Hopkins Bayview, Saturday, February 11, 2017) (Also, indicate if you are part of a 7+ person group, which has been confirmed)
Step 7: Click continue
Step 8: Confirm
Step 9: Recommendation, print a receipt and bring with to CEU course. This is not required, however, recommended.