working-outSittercise training is a unique program in that, its primary focus is to address the needs of those who are aging in place by focusing on strength, balance, coordination, flexibility, endurance, and overall improved function. Sittercise training is intended to assist those who are contending with a number of chronic and other health related illnesses. Sittercise training is a means to decrease the return to the hospital setting after discharge, as well as to alleviate or at the least abate the progression of chronic illnesses. Sittercise training is and educational tool that can be utilized to improve one’s knowledge of their illness or condition, as well as provide the tools to alter their health outcome.

The program consists of a curriculum powered by an associated video, which allows one to easily follow the program, as well as for a healthcare provide (CAN/GNA/HHA/PCA) to guide the client through the program to achieve success. The individuals will be educated on how to administer and monitor Sittercise
Training Program.

In the midst of public health policy development and the social inequities or concerns that impact modern society, it is the aim of the Sittercse team to provide safe and effective exercise program, informational/educational material to improve health outcomes, improve health literacy regarding the issue of recidivism to hospital settings and the impact chronic illnesses on one’s health.