#1 Older Adult Training Program

Designed to strengthen, build, and restore muscles, joints and bones…

Are you at a place where going to the Gym seems so farfetched? You want to start living a more fulfilling life? But you don’t know where to start? Well look no further! At Sittercise Training we come to you! In-home Exercise Training Program without the bulky Equipment, and without the distractions of a gym atmosphere!

Sittercise Training is a unique program in that, its primary focus is to address the needs of those who are aging in place by focusing on strength, balance, coordination, flexibility, endurance, and overall improved function. Sittercise training is intended to assist those who are contending with a number of chronic and other health related illnesses. Sittercise training is a means to decrease the return to the hospital setting after discharge, as well as to alleviate or at the least abate the progression of chronic illnesses.

The program consists of a curriculum powered by an associated video, which allows one to easily follow the program, as well as for a healthcare provider (CNA/GNA/HHA/PCA) to guide the client through the program to achieve success. The individuals will be educated on how to administer and monitor the client during Sittercise Training Program.

In the midst of public health policy development and the social inequities or concerns that impact modern society, it is the aim of the Sittercise team to provide safe and effective exercise programs, informational education material to improve health outcomes, and improve health literacy regarding the issue of recidivism to hospital settings and the impact chronic illnesses on one’s health.

At Sittercise by way of Maintaining Life, Health, & Fitness, LLC our main goal is to educate the Senior community and become another option to help motivate physical fitness and to help promote a more functional lifestyle. A healthier and more productive population is the higher goal for health policy in every nation. This was all kept in mind when creating Sittercise Training Program. A program that was produced to help older adults and and individuals contending with disabilities to become more physically fit, active, and improved functional outcomes. So let us start this journey together!!!




“As a client of Sittercise Training program I am extremely pleased with the results I have seen. Being a Senior citizen and having a few slip and fall accidents I was very leery and also conscious of what I did and how I did it. One day a good friend of mine suggested that we try the Sittercise program together and see what results we get. After 3 months of just trying the easy exercises together I feel stronger, more stable, and more flexible. I am now very confident with everything I do. I am able to play with my grandchildren. I’m even getting into more physically challenging activities just to stay healthy. I thank the creators of this excellent product because it is very effective and has worked tremendously.”  – Lula Dawson